DJI Batteria Intelligent Flight Phantom 2 Part29
Capacità fino a 25 minuti di volo Quattro LED che...
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DJI Batteria Intelligent Flight Phantom 2 Part29

  • Capacità fino a 25 minuti di volo
  • Quattro LED che visualizzano lo stato della batteria e la carica rimanente
  • Gestione interna dell'alimentazione - il connettore di bilanciamento non è necessario per caricare
  • Conserva la carica residuale per aumentare il tuo divertimento con il quadricoptero
  • Compatibile con Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision e Phantom 2 Vision+

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The DJI Smart Battery is a 5200 mAh, 11.1 V lithium-polymer battery designed for the Phantom 2 series. It features four LEDs that display remaining battery capacity. Power management is handled internally meaning the battery doesn't require a separate balance lead to control charging.


  • Keep spare batteries on hand to extend your enjoyment of the quadcopter
  • Capacity for up to 25 minutes of flying time
  • Slot-in design means no leads to detangle or connect prior to use
  • Four LEDs indicate remaining power and charge status
  • Power management handled internally - no balance connector required to charge

Charging The Battery

  • Batteries must be charged using a DJI approved adapter.DJI takes no responsibility if the battery is charged using a non-DJI charger. Never leave the battery unattended during charging. Do not charge the battery near flammable materials or on flammable surfaces such as carpet or wood.
  • Do not charge battery immediately after flight, because the battery temperature may be too high. Do not charge the battery until it cools down to near room temperature. Charging battery outside of the temperature range of 0?-40? may lead to leakage, overheating, or battery damage.
  • Charge and discharge the battery completely once every 20 charge/discharge cycles. Discharge the battery until there is less than 8% power or until it can no longer be turned on, then recharge it to the maximum capacity. This power cycling procedure will optimize the battery life.

Battery Storage

  • Dispose of the battery into specific recycling boxes only after a complete discharge. Do not place the battery into regular rubbish bins. Strictly follow your local disposal and recycling regulations of batteries.
  • If the power on/off button of the smart battery is disabled and the battery cannot be fully discharged, please contact a professional battery disposal/recycling agent for further assistance.


Capacity 5200 mAh
Chemistry Lithium-polymer
Voltage 11.1 V


It is compatible with the  Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 2 Vision+.


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