DJI E305 420 Lite ESC

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The 420 Lite ESC utilizes the tried and tested square-wave drive architecture, further perfected by DJI engineers.  
Based on this classic design, the 420 LITE provides simplified functions in a much smaller and lighter package than the E310. 
Internally, an efficient and responsive algorithm is hard at work to provide your platform with a level of maneuverability and stability that belies its size.


  • Max. Allowable Voltage?17.4 V
  • Max. Allowable Current (Persistent)?20 A
  • Max. Allowable Peak Current (3 Seconds)?30 A
  • PWM Input Signal Level?3.3 V / 5 V Compatible
  • Signal Frequency?30 ~ 450 Hz
  • Battery?3S ~ 4S LiPo
  • Size?54×24×9 mm
  • Cabel Length?420 mm
  • Weight (Without Cable)?12.5 g
  • Weight (With Cable)?27 g

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DJI E305 420 Lite ESC

DJI E305 420 Lite ESC

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