DJI E1200 Kit Motori Pro
The E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System is a multirotor...
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DJI E1200 Kit Motori Pro

The E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System is a multirotor propulsion system that is designed for multi-rotor aircrafts with 7-15 kg weight limits.

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  • The E1200 Pro can be adapted on frames with 25mm-diameter arm tubes. It features enhanced efficiency, security and endurance.
  • The powertrain integrates 4216 motor, 40A smart ESC and 17-inch propeller, making assembly and configuration more convenient than ever.
  • The design of the powertrain provides effective protection for the internal mechanisms while making assembly and configuration more convenient.
  • The Z-Blade 17-inch foldable propellers are made using an advanced carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer, which reduces rotational inertia and enhances rigidity.
  • New, upgraded motors promote efficient heat dissipation to improve endurance and reliability, even when flying in harsh environments.
  • The Smart ESCs feature a sinusoidal drive, which provides greater efficiency and more agile dynamic response.
  • High visibility LED indicators provide real-time motor status information, enhancing flight safety.

In The Box

  • Powertrain Clockwise ×1
  • Powertrain Counter-Clockwise ×1
  • Screws for arms (M3×14 hexagon)
  • Screws for foldable propellers (M3×12.5 hexagon)
  • Screws for propeller mount cover (M3×8)
  • Screws for motor base mount (M3×12 hexagon)
  • Soft dampers
  • Propeller washers


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