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This site was created by the passion modelers and electronic engineers and not by simple sellers. For this reason, all the products for sale here are first of all thoroughly tested on the airfield in order to offer customers only the best and unavailable in normal hobby shops.

We have a technical department completely specialized in building professional drones for civilian use in the following applications: aerial photography, cinematography, environmental monitoring, civil protection, photogrammetry, etc. We are authorized dealers in Italy for the brands DJI Innovations, Mikrokopter, Cinestar, Droidworx and others. Our technical staff can offer innovative solutions as cooperates with many foreign universities in China and the United States for the study of drones.

We are the first in Italy to offer products for professional FPV "First Person View" and tested by our technical department. We cooperate with the civil protection and research for the construction of radio-controlled models suitable for land monitoring and aerial photography in high definition. We are official distributors of TURNIGY batteries, motors and controllers for Italy. TURNIGY products are made with high technology and through direct importation we can offer them at the lowest price in the market.

Since 2012 we have become technology partners of Shenzhen University - CN for the study of new electronics and drones for civilian use.